Try these awesome budget cleaning tips are guaranteed to save your time and money. You don’t need to spend hours on cleaning, just need to know basic rules. Moreover, we will help you to save the budget and make cleaning supplies at home from cheap ingredients:
– If the toilet is clogged, wrap it with wrapping plastic, flush and push the plastic. The problem is solved!
– Make cleaning wipes and prepare a perfect cleaning liquid for your bathroom: mix lemon juice, water, vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s soap
– Mix vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil to clean your wooden floor from scuffs
– Make a cheap air freshener from vodka and mint. Take vodka, add essential oils and leaves of mint. You saved a lot of money and all the ingredients are natural
– Don’t know how effectively clean your carpet? Cornstarch makes a safe and effective carpet cleaner. Mix cornstarch, baking soda, whole cloves, bay leaves, and borax together. Sprinkle dry powder on your carpet, leave it for two hours, then vacuum it up. Voila!
– Learn how to remove permanent marker from wood. We tested alcohol, nail polish remover, baking soda, and toothpaste. And the winner is nail polish remover
– Learn how to remove wax from carpet. Simply place a sheet of a paper bag over the spot.
– Put pantyhose around the end of the vacuum hose to find small items under the coach easily
– We will show you clever ways to use kitchen sponges for cleaning different surfaces
– Use a wet disposable glove to remove pet hair from the coach
– Hairdryers tend to collect dust in their vents. Find out how to clean hair dryer using a toothbrush.
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00:09 Clogged toilet?
00:47 Handmade cleaning wipes
01:50 Air freshener from natural ingredients
03:09 Best way to remove permanent marker
04:22 Easy way to clean wax from a carpet
11:31 Don’t forget to clean your hairdryer

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