Did you know that a hairdryer is a super multifunctional item? You usually use it to dry your hair but hairdryer could be used for everything beginning from removing labels, stickers to creating a stylish and colorful vase.
Check out mind-blowing hairdryer unexpected uses you haven’t known before:
– Usually, we waste up to 20% of foundation because can’t get it out of a bottle. There is a cool way to save your budget – use a hairdryer to get every drop of foundation
– Dry socks very quickly by putting them on a hairdryer. Also, you can use this method to make them warm when it’s cold inside your apartments
– We prepared for you a super cute vase that you can make in 5 minutes using crayons and hair dryer! Put crayons of the color you like into the vase and melt them using a hairdryer.
– Use a hairdryer to fill the mattress with air
– If you don’t have an iron simply spray water on a t-shirt and use a hairdryer to quickly dry it
– Remove crayon from wooden surfaces using a hairdryer. Blow on the crayon marks and clean with a cloth
– Transform a long cord into a coiled one that will take less place. Wrap the pencil with the cord and use a hairdryer
– If you love to eat at the desk, clean the keyboard with a hair dryer
– Remove band-aids easily using a hairdryer. Warm heat destroys the sticky part
– Use a hairdryer to remove the sticker from wooden surfaces
– Candles are so relaxing and make apartment cozier till the moment when you find drops of wax on your table. Use a hair dryer to warm the wax and clean the surface with a cloth

00:09 Get every drop of your foundation
00:40 DIY stylish vase
02:27 Quick way to clean a keyboard
03:11 Remove a sticker easily
03:25 Clean your table from paraffin
04:24 Awesome drill hacks

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