Are you ready for a new portion of cool lifehacks? Do you want to buy new furniture for your room? Your old furniture looks boring? Don’t worry we have awesome ideas on how to renew your furniture! Our craft projects don’t require much effort or special skills!
If your old dresser looks boring, let’s do a makeover just in few steps! Firstly, you need to choose the color and sticky tape type you want. Remove drawers from the dresser. Paint the rest with the color you like, we love the black color. Using a screwdriver, remove hardware from drawers. Glue the color paper with the pattern you like to the surface. Plastic bottles are very harmful to the environment. Collect some plastic bottles and make a DIY plastic bottle puff that will cost you a penny. Firstly, choose the fabric of any color or design that will suit your home décor and taste. Watch our full tutorial! Do not spend money on pillow lap desk for notebook use, make it by your own hands using our tutorial. Firstly, find a pillow, fabric, picture frame and a piece of cardboard. Attach the cardboard to the pillow using a hot glue gun and cover with the fabric. When the cute pillow is ready to attach the picture frame. Enjoy!
Check out unexpected uses of cola: clean foggy and cloudy car headlights using cola, clean rusted bolts with Coca, make an insect trap out of a bottle of cola, cola helps wash out blood stains.
Now it’s easy to cover an unexpected hole on your favorite shirt. Use a hot flat iron to attach a small embroidered patch. You can buy these patches in many fabric stores. Also, you can iron a shirt collar really fast using a flat iron.

00:25 Decorate your boring dressing
00:57 DIY pillow lap desk
01:53 Puff out of plastic bottles
03:12 Mirror folding table idea
04:00 Unexpected lash curler uses
07:45 Quick way to remove chewing gum from hair

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