A lot of people don’t know that cola could be used around your home as an effective cleaner. You can easily clean ceramic tile in your bathroom. Spray cola on the wall and use a cloth to clean it. Clean your eyeglasses using cola. Find the fast way to clean burnt frying pan with cola. Pour cola into the pan and leave overnight. Nobody loves to clean greasy stove filter as it takes a lot of time. We share a simple way to do it – place stove filter in a metal tray and cover with cola. Leave for 20 minutes and clean after. Find out how to clean foggy and cloudy car headlights using cola. Coke will help you to remove chewing gum from your hair. Lighten your hair naturally and wash your hair with Coke. Cover the rusted bolts with Coca for several minutes and the result will surprise you. Cola is perfect to clean blood stains. Cover a stain with cola and wash cold. Voila!
Besides, you can reuse cola plastic bottle in many ways:
– Separate whites and yolks
– Empty cola can be used as a lamp
– Make blossom artwork using an empty soda bottle. Firstly, draw a tree with branches on paper. Let the tree dry. Pour pink paint on the paper plate and dip the bottom of the plastic bottle. Stamp as many blossoms as you want
– Marinate meat using onion and cola and the meat will be juicy
– You can even make a cake using Coke. Watch our tutorial
– Here is a perfect idea for a party – chocolate Coca-Cola bottle. Pour melted chocolate into the bottle, slowly rotate the bottle until the chocolate has completely coated the inside, refrigerate for an hour. Remove the bottle and fill the bottle with sweets

00:11 Reuse plastic bottles
01:36 Quick way to clean eyeglasses
02:33 A lamp out of a Coke can
04:07 Clever way to clean a burnt pan
05:02 Delicious cola cake
08:59 Chocolate cola bottle

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