You don’t need to buy new furniture to refresh your room, watch out the video and find a lot of ideas on how to redecorate your old furniture without special skills and expensive supplies. If your dresser seems boring to give it a fresh look and simply change the style of it. Remove drawers from the dresser. Paint the rest with the color you like, we chose black color. Using a screwdriver, remove hardware from drawers. Glue the paper with the pattern you like to the surface. Let dry and attach the hardware. Ready!
Using a computer on your lap may cause not only technical problems but it’s also too hot. Let’s make a DIY pillow lap desk for comfortable notebook use. Firstly, you will need to find a pillow a picture frame and piece of cardboard. You can even customize a pillow with the fabric you like. Attach the cardboard to the pillow and cover with the fabric and glue the parts. When the cute pillow is ready to attach the picture frame.
Plastic bottles are perfect to make a puff for your home. Yes, we are not joking. This project will cost you a penny and you may choose the fabric of any color and style to cover the puff. Watch our tutorial.
Wire hangers are super multifunctional items that could be used around your house. If you collected some wire hangers in your closet, repurpose them wisely. Turn a hanger into a portable tape holder for your craft room. Make a great organizer for belts. Turn your wire hangers into pot lid holders that are super useful. One more clever organizing idea for the kitchen is to make a hanging paper towel holder out of a hanger.
As a bonus, you will find a compilation of funny kitchen moments that are familiar to everyone. Make a secret stash for your sweets from a mayo jar or from a planter.

01:50 Decorate your boring dressing
02:20 DIY pillow lap desk
02:56 Secret stash for your food
06:15 Cool storage idea for your makeup
12:48 Use the plastic bottle to store toys
13:42 Reuse wire hangers

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