Today we share a collection of lifehacks that will ease your life:
– Do you want a stylish vase that will express your creativity? Moreover, you can choose any color you like. Take a clear vase put crayons inside and melt them using a hairdryer. Your awesome decorative item is ready!
– Clean your keyboard from dust using a hairdryer
– Get the crayons off of your furniture by heating it up with a hairdryer and wiping it away with a towel
– Coil a cord if it’s too long. Wrap the cord around a pencil, use a hairdryer to apply warm heat evenly. It will take less place and gets less tangled and looks a whole lot better.
– Remove a sticker using a hairdryer
– Remove wrinkles from clothes, spray them with water and then blast with hot air
– If you have a pet, use sticky tape to get rid of pet hair
– You will find how to how to change linens easily like you’ve been doing it your entire life
– Make a dreamy DIY headboard by your own hands. Make your bedroom super cozy!
– You will learn how to reduce your water bills using a plastic bottle. Fill the plastic bottle with water. Place the bottle into your toilet tank. The bottle will displace the water in the tank and you will use less water every time you flush
– Use yarn to personalize your headphones cords, you will also create a layer of protection and give your cords a longer life
– If the ring is too small, use thread to remove it from a finger
Check out more awesome tricks what to do if you don’t want your phone to be stolen, how to avoid the mess with the help of plastic bag if you love eating sunflower seeds, open a beer bottle using chopsticks.

00:39 Melt crayons to create a stylish vase
01:10 Unexpected uses of a hairdryer
02:28 How to clean a keyboard
04:06 Use chopsticks to open a beer bottle
04:30 Hack for cat owners
09:43 Helpful toilet hacks

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