Here is an ultimate collection of lifehacks for every occasion. We have a lot of unexpected solutions to everyday problems.
We have few ideas how to use scotch tape in very unexpected ways: make earrings out of sticky tape, the tape could be used to make manicure, learn how to replicate fingerprints. There are a lot of ways to replicate fingerprints! To do this, cover the finger with lipstick and use scotch tape. Make earrings out of sticky tape. Use sticky tape to get rid of pet hair. This advice is especially helpful for those who have pets at home. Want to look skinny in photos watch our video and learn how to use sticky tape.
DIY galaxy sneakers is a cheap and awesome DIY project to turn your shoes into galaxy shoes. You will need markers, rubbing alcohol, and white canvas shoes. Remove the shoelaces, use blue, purple and black colors. Spray the alcohol on the shoes!
Here are best toothpaste lifehacks you have ever seen:
– Toothpaste effectively clean pans from grease
– Need to exfoliate nose? “Clean” your nose using a toothbrush and toothpaste
– Dry and chapped lips? Exfoliate them with a toothbrush
– Toothpaste is a great thing to get rid of bad smells especially if you cook fish
– Toothpaste is a cheap and fast way to clean iron
Check out more awesome tricks what to do if you don’t want your phone to be stolen, how to avoid the mess with the help of plastic bag if you love eating sunflower seeds, open a beer bottle using chopsticks. We will teach you how to reduce your monthly water bills using a plastic bottle.

00:09 Helpful toilet hacks
04:49 Use chopsticks to open a beer bottle
05:41 Hack for cat owners
07:25 Toothpaste hacks
07:38 Forget about pimples
10:40 How to look skinnier

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