Did you know that slimes could be used not only to entertain kids and develop sensory activity, but also could be used in everyday life! Buy the way, you can use slimes to relax at work as they are so satisfying to touch! This video is full of hacks how to prepare slimes and use them at home! You will have a lot of fun watching our video!
Do you have a dog or a cat? If you do, it means that you have a lot of pet hair at home. Use slime instead of a sticky clothes roller to get rid of hair. Use slime to remove hair from clothes and surfaces. Slime is often best for removing pet hair.
If your sneakers are not so comfortable, put relaxing slime insole inside. The recipe is next: mix clear glue, food dye, and contact lens solution, stir and put the slime into a plastic bag.
If you need to stick something to the wall, for example photoes, use mini pieces of slime. Organize your stationary and put slime inside clear vase, share this hack with friends!
Need an eraser but can’t find it at home? No problem. Do it yourself! Mix clear glue, starch, baking soda and food die. Make any form you like!
Don’t forget that slimes are created to have fun! Make a giant Nutella slime! Prepare a big container and add PVA glue, sodium tetraborate, and liquid detergent. Add some food coloring and mix. Enjoy!
We love magnets! Not only because they’re terribly useful but so much fun as well! Watch our video and find cool experiments with magnets that look like real magic! Make a levitation magnet, spinning copper wire hoop, a water compass. You can make a lot magic tricks at home using magnets.

01:12 Levitation magic trick
01:45 Copper wire race
01:54 Water magnet
05:49 Glowing slime
07:02 Get rid of pet hair
08:29 DIY slime eraser

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