With these awesome hacks you’re gonna do everything at least twice faster!

Did you know that plain milk can fix things? I bet you’re quite surprised to hear that. Well, don’t believe my words, see for yourself!

So, once I broke this insanely beautiful and pricey plate. I was so upset till my grandma told me one magic fixing trick. You should put broken pieces together; apply some adhesive tape in the seam area. Then put it in a bog bowl and pour some warm milk. Let it rest in milk for 2 days. Enjoy the results.

What to do if an unexpected run appeared on your tights? You should have a transparent nail polish for such emergency situations. Simply apply some transparent nail polish on the hole to prevent a tear from spreading.

Next one is quite embarrassing yet hilarious. If your pants got ripped on the seam and yes sometimes it happens. Just fix it with stapler. Works as charm!

Another common problem is a broken nail. But if you’ve got tea bags at home it’s not a problem anymore. Just apply a tiny piece of tea bag on your broken nail and apply some transparent nail polish over. Let it dry and apply your regular nail polish as usual!

This time I wanna share with you cool hacks for unexpected situations when you might need some quick emergency fixing.
This one used to happen to me all the time.

Whenever I put on my cheeky pair of ripped jeans, every single time my left leg slipped into knee hole! It’s not very pleasant and there’s always a fear to damage your favorite jeans. Here’s the solution I came up with recently.

I cut off the rest of old threads. And made neat stitches with white thread all over again. It worked as charm!

And I’m sick and tired of my bra straps slipping down. I always face this problem during summertime. Here’s what I do:
I make a little braid – like bridge with threads under the top strap and then a bra strap goes through that bridge. It’s as simple as that!


4:20 Tablet holder
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