Way to manicure for cats


Clipping your cat’s claws really makes a difference. If claws are kept blunt, a cat that strays from the scratching post from time to time will do little to no damage. You can get results without painful and mutilating declaw surgery by cutting the nails every two to six weeks (long toenails can grow into the toe pad).


  • Handle your cat’s paws regularly when he’s relaxed. Massaging his paws and separating the toes will help him be more relaxed when it’s time to clip the claws.
  • Make sure there is enough light. Having the cat’s paw between the source of light and yourself makes it much easier to see where to cut.
  • Ask someone to help you. While one person holds, the helper can do the actual clipping.
  • Get your cat alone. This is especially important in a multi-cat household. Choose a time when your cat is calm – naptime may be the best. Some find it best to schedule the manicure after a meal. If the cat is groggy from an after-dinner snooze she’ll be more relaxed and easier to handle.
  • If your cat is not in favor of claw clipping, start slowly. Make it pleasant. Initially, do only a few nails at a time. Clip as many as you can, then praise your cat and offer a treat or scratch the cat in his favorite spot; then let him go.
  • Don’t expect to clip all ten front nails at once. Turning the event into a struggle will only make future sessions more difficult. Success is often measured in small amounts, so if you only clip one claw a day, it may be a successful day!
  • Until you and your cat are comfortable with clipping, just take off the tiniest tip, ensuring you don’t get the quick.
  • There are several styles of nail trimmers, including a scissors cut and a human fingernail clipper. A pair of sharp, well-made cat nail scissors is the tool of choice. Other equipment can do the job, but a pair of scissors is the easiest to grasp when holding a squirming bundle of cat.
  • If you do not succeed, take your cat to a veterinarian who can help you out.
    Source: hearforanimals.org