DIY Armor All Wipes


DIY Armor All wipes

Happy 2nd day of the New Year! 🙂 I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday! I personally could not have asked for a more wonderful holiday season! I spent it with people I love, doing things I love, but despite all that…I’m anxious to get “back to normal.” In an effort to do just that we have a great homemade cleaning solution to share today! Time to get back to business! 🙂

Kaitlyn writes…..   Whenever I write a post I almost always have a story to explain how I came up with the idea for the post. But I have to admit – I cannot remember how this idea came about! Jillee and Britta and I were actually looking at the calendar we keep for blog posts and when we saw this post scheduled for today none of us could remember who had put it on the calendar! Haha! But we all agreed that a DIY Armor All Wipe seemed like a great idea so we kept it on the schedule and I volunteered to try my hand at creating these wipes.

For an idea that seemingly came out of nowhere, I ended up loving the final product! Armor All Wipes can be used to clean the vinyl interior of your car including the dashboard, center console etc. You can also use them to clean up your tires. There are actually quite a few different types of Armor All Wipes – I would say this DIY version is a combo of the Protectant and the Cleaning wipes.

DIY Armor All Wipes

Adapted from Money Saving Madness and Your Creative Bone


What you’ll need:


To make these wipes I used Jillee’s method for homemade wipes but altered the liquid ingredients to make them effective for car interiors and tires.


Start by cutting a roll of Viva paper towels in half. I like to use Viva for homemade wipes because they really hold up when they get wet. Make sure you use a nice sharp nice to cut the paper towels because otherwise you’ll end up shredding the ends of the towels.

Put the paper towels into the plastic containers. Don’t worry if the paper towels stick out of the container a bit – they’ll shrink down once they get wet.


Mix the distilled water, baby oil, vinegar, Dawn, and Melaleuca oil in a medium bowl. After mixing everything I transferred the liquid to a pitcher to make it easier to pour over the paper towels.


Pour half the mixture over each roll of paper towels. Let them sit for a minute while the liquid soaks into all the towels. Pull the paper towel roll out of the middle of the towels. That will allow you to pull the wipes up from the middle of the roll.


I tested the wipes out on the dashboard and tires of my husband’s car. I could not get a good before and after picture of the dashboard so you’ll just have to take my word for it that they worked like a charm! But I did get a picture of the tires. My husband drives through  a canyon to work everyday and his tires are a mess from all the snow we’ve had in Utah lately. They looked so much better after cleaning them off with these wipes!


I did a quick price breakdown on these wipes to find out how much you save by making them yourself.

50 Armor All Wipes are about $6.97 at Walmart. That breaks down to $.14 per wipe. All of the ingredients for the DIY version cost $7.43. The Viva Paper Towels I used had 102 sheets. (Thanks to Karrie at Happy Money Saver for listing that number on her blog so I didn’t have to count all the sheets!) 😉

Since I cut the paper towel roll in half I got 204 wipes out of my recipe. So the DIY version was a mere $.04 per wipe.

I included the cost of the plastic containers in the cost of the DIY version. Since those are reusable I wanted to see what the cost per wipe was without the containers. It came out to only $.02 per wipe! That’s practically nothing!

Plus, if you frequently make homemade products you might have most of the ingredients on hand. I only needed to purchase the baby oil when I made mine. So something that would have cost me close to $14 to buy only cost me around $4. That’s my kind of good thing!