10 Ways That Mason Jars Make The Best Bathroom Storage


Mason Jar Organization

Nothing beats a mason jar in terms of versatility! Canning and food storage are just the tip of the iceberg for these iconic jars! Over the years I’ve used mason jars as flower vases, drink cups, coin banks, candy dishes, mixing bowls, measuring cups, and more! But today I want to focus on a relatively unexplored frontier for mason jars (for me anyways!)—using mason jars in the bathroom.

Mason Jar Organization

I was inspired to write this post after coming across this cute set of glass jar bathroom accessories online the other day! It comes with a soap dispenser and another jar that’s perfect for storing toothbrushes. (If you’re not much of a DIYer, this is a great way to get the mason jar look without having to take on a project.) So I started looking around the web for more ways to use mason jars in the bathroom, and I collected a virtual treasure trove of DIY ideas! I’m excited to share these cute, creative, and practical ideas with you. Be sure to click on the title of each project to see more photos and full details about how to make it (or buy it) yourself. Hopefully this list inspires you to incorporate mason jars into your own bathroom for decor, storage, or organization!

10 Mason Jar Organization Ideas For Your Bathroom

Mason Jar Organization

1. Soap Dispenser

Turn a mason jar into a stylish soap dispenser with tons of rustic charm! It’s a pretty simple process, and you probably already have everything you need for it. Get the full step-by-step instructions by reading my post below!

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Mason Jar Organization

2. Bathroom Set

from The Country Chic Cottage

I love this mason jar bathroom set. The burlap accent is a nice touch, and you could use the jars to store just about anything you need!

Mason Jar Organization

3. White Bathroom Set

from Mason Jar Crafts

I couldn’t resist including this bathroom set as well. White is one of my favorite colors to decorate with, because it always brings a fresh and home-y feeling into a room. These mason jars were painted white and slightly distressed, and the finished product looks magazine-worthy!

Mason Jar Organization

4. Bathroom Organizer

from Modern Mom Life

Use mason jars to create additional storage that saves space and looks great too! This project turns a few mason jars, a few hose clamps, and an old palette into pretty and functional storage for toothbrushes, makeup brushes, and more.

Mason Jar Organization

5. Tissue Holder

from Landeelu

I try to eliminate cardboard packaging wherever possible, just because I think things look a lot nicer when stored in glass or other materials. So this mason jar tissue holder is right up my alley! The tissues pull out from the top just like a tissue box, but the jar makes the whole affair much prettier, in my opinion. 🙂

Mason Jar Organization

6. Cotton Balls & Swabs

from Hip2Save

This is less of a project and more of a method, but it’s pretty clever all the same. Store cotton balls in your favorite mason jar, then place a glass candle votive in the opening to store cotton swabs. The votive looks like it fits perfectly in the jar, and it’s pretty enough to display on your bathroom counter!

Mason Jar Organization

If you can’t find a candle votive that fits as well as the one in the photo, you can buy this insert online. It’s designed to fit in a mason jar, so you won’t have to worry about it not fitting right.

Mason Jar Organization

7. Pickle Jar Storage

from Eighteen25

If you don’t have a collection of mason jars just sitting around waiting to be used, never fear! You can upcycle a few empty pickle jars into cute storage jars that will look great in any bathroom. I just love how the knobs look on top of the colorful jar lids!

Mason Jar Organization

8. Toothbrush Storage

from Lolly Jane

Here’s another mason jar and hose clamp project, but this one fits right under the bathroom mirror. It’s perfect for toothbrush storage, and everyone can have their very own jar. It’s perfect for kids; they’ll love having their very own jar to keep their toothbrush and toothpaste in.

Mason Jar Organization

9. Makeup & Brushes

from Etsy seller LargoJars

These pretty rose gold jars are sure to add a pop of glamour to your bathroom or vanity. You can buy sets of these painted jars in several different colors and sizes from LargoJars on Etsy, but you could easily make your own at home too!

Mason Jar Organization

10. Tiered Organizer

from Suburbia Unwrapped

Transform a couple of plant pot saucers, a candlestick, and a few mason jars into a tiered bathroom organizer! It looks great as a finished product, and the tiered design would definitely help save you some counter space in the bathroom.