16 Brilliant Bed Hacks That Will Make You Sleep Like A Baby



I’ve had sleep on the brain over the past couple of weeks, mostly because I’m never getting enough of it. But that’s not really anything new! I’ve written a lot about sleep- and bed-related topics over the years, because even though I’m not great at sleeping, it is a crucial part of life. I got to thinking about just how many bed-related posts I’ve written here on my blog, and it occurred to me that I have yet to gather them together in one place! Wouldn’t it be nice to have a central place to find tips, tricks, and advice for everything related to sleeping?

Well that’s exactly what you’ll be getting today! I’ve gathered a list of 16 brilliant “bed hacks,” that cover everything from bedding and mattresses to sleep and snoring. Many of them are from blog posts I’ve written in the past, but I’ve included some new tips and product links as well. My hope is that if you have a question relating to beds, you’ll find the answers here!

16 Brilliant Bed Hacks

Brilliant Bed Hacks

1. How To Put On A Duvet Cover

If you have a duvet on your bed, chances are you already know how tricky it can be to get the duvet cover back on the duvet! I actually wrote a whole post on the topic a few years ago. Follow the link below to learn 5 easy ways to put on a duvet cover!

Brilliant Bed Hacks

2. How To Fold & Store Sheets

Here’s another bed-related post from a few years back! I shared my method for folding sheets, including how I fold those pesky fitted sheets. (It’s actually not as hard as it sounds!) And I also shared my then-new method of storing a set of clean sheets underneath my mattress. It’s a great storage tip for anyone who’s short on closet space!

Brilliant Bed Hacks

3. Keep Sheets In Place

If it seems like your sheets are always coming off your mattress, here’s a quick tip. Cover your mattress in a mattress protector with a textured top (like terry cloth, or something like that.) The textured surface of the mattress protector will create friction against the sheets, which will help hold your sheets in place.

Brilliant Bed Hacks

4. Sheets That Won’t Come Untucked

If untucked sheets are a pet peeve of yours, check this out! My friend Jimmy told me about a company called Spun that is producing a set of sheets that won’t come untucked. The fitted sheets have a grippy elastic band that keeps them in place, and the flat sheets have an extra long flap and fitted corners to keep it securely in place. Check them out online here.

Brilliant Bed Hacks

5. No More Blanket Stealing

Do you sleep with a blanket thief, who rolls over during the night and takes the whole blanket with them? Check out this genius solution—the CoverClamp!

Brilliant Bed Hacks

This simple clamp hold your blanket in place, which will simply and effectively solve the blanket stealing issue. (Unfortunately, this product will only help with blanket hogging. If you sleep with a bed hog, you’re on your own!) 😉

Brilliant Bed Hacks

6. How To Deodorize Musty Sheets

Musty smells can develop in your bed linens if they aren’t getting thoroughly cleaned in the wash. But there’s an easy method you can use to deodorize your bedding. Odor-destroying vinegar and grease-cutting dish soap will take care of any oily residues in your sheets, and leave them smelling and looking fresh. Get all the details at the link below!

Brilliant Bed Hacks

7. Caring For Down Bedding

Down bedding can be a lifesaver during cold winter nights! But down bedding does require some special care and maintenance to keep it nice. Learn how to clean and care for down bedding at the link below.

Brilliant Bed Hacks

8. Make A Linen Refreshing Spray

When your sheets aren’t necessarily dirty, but could use a bit of freshening up, here’s a simple solution. Make my easy fabric refreshing spray! It contains baking soda to absorb odors and essential oils to leave behind a fresh, clean scent. Get the simple recipe at the link below.

Brilliant Bed Hacks

9. How To Clean Your Mattress

You clean your sheets regularly, but have you ever cleaned your mattress? Cleaning your mattress can help extend its lifespan, and it will eliminate icky dust mites and other critters that might lurk inside your mattress. Learn the simple method for cleaning your mattress at the link below!

Brilliant Bed Hacks

10. Make Snore Relief In A Jar

Snoring is almost guaranteed to disrupt sleep, both for the snorer and the person sleeping next to them. Making this easy “snore relief in a jar” can help ease snoring and help everyone sleep better! Learn how to make it at the link below.

Brilliant Bed Hacks

11. Make A Sleep Salve For Better Sleep

This is definitely one of my very favorite sleep “hacks.” This homemade salve is easy to make, and it definitely helps me relax at bedtime. Just apply a thin layer to the bottom of your feet before your go to sleep! It’ll help you relax, fall asleep, and stay asleep. It also makes your feet softer, too! 🙂

Brilliant Bed Hacks

12. Cover Up A Box Spring

If you’re sick of looking at an exposed box spring under your mattress, you can cover it up with a sheet! A plain white bed sheet (either fitted or flat) can cover up the box spring and elevate the look of the whole bed.

13. Tip For Flat Sheets

When making your bed, place your flat sheet so that the “top side” (or the printed side, if your sheets have a print) is facing down. The top side of sheets are often softer than the reverse side, and you’ll notice the difference!

14. An Easy Way To Put On A Pillowcase

Some pillows really resist being put into a pillowcase for some reason. But you can make it easier just by folding the pillow in half so that it’s long and thin. Just slide the folded pillow into the pillowcase, and it’ll unfold on its own. Easy!

Brilliant Bed Hacks

15. My Favorite Bamboo Bed Sheets

The sheets that I currently have on my bed aren’t made of cotton; they’re actually made of bamboo! My sister turned me on to these sheets a couple of years ago, and I have loved them ever since. I wrote a post a recently talking about my sheets, and why I think they’re worth the investment! You can read that post at the link below.

Brilliant Bed Hacks

16. Sheet Storage Tip

To help keep your spare bedding organized, store your folded sheets inside of one of the corresponding pillowcases.

Brilliant Bed Hacks

This way you’ll have easy-to-locate “packets” that have all the bedding contained inside! To keep them smelling fresh, slide a dryer sheet inside the pillowcase along with the sheets.